Zero In On Your Personal Brand by Asking These 4 Simple Questions.

building your personal brand

Let’s face it. With nearly 7.6 billion people living on Earth today, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. So, how can you make sure that people remember you? How do you know if you’ll leave behind a lasting impression? What sets you apart from everyone else?

Rest assured, you’re already unique, but often times what people don’t know about you is buried in details that make up who you are. And when it comes to your personal brand, your story needs to be rooted in authenticity.

Here are several questions you’ll want to answer in order to set yourself apart and to start building your personal brand:


It’s the crucial question you need to ask yourself before all others. Knowing why builds traction for you while moving toward your personal and professional goals. It’s also the question your peers, prospects, and clients will be asking when deciding to do business with you.

As a storytelling species, meaning makes up the very fabric of our existence. Assigning value to the things you do communicates your culture in ways that create your brand. So, ask yourself why? and set yourself apart by getting to know the real you.

What’s My Super Power?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need fancy gadgets, a bright-colored cape or a bite from a mutant spider to be capable of the extraordinary. Instead, think of super powers as the talents you possess and the things that you do better than everyone else you know. Here’s a hint: they’re the things that you do naturally, with little thought or effort. Take a moment to ask yourself what it is that others recognize you for. Make note of the qualities you possess that have been mentioned more than once.

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What Do I Value Most?

Your values are what move you—they influence how you think, behave and feel.

In short, values determine realities. But according to a recent article published by our sister company, these values aren’t always determinant of successful realities. That’s because values can either be forerunners of achievement, by means of active goals—or delusion, through inactivity.

An easy way to zero in on your values is to think about what drives you to action. You can get a clue as to what your values are by defining them through contrast. For instance, what you find most irritating points to what you feel is most important.

What Am I Passionate About?

Lastly, consider the things that make you excited. After all, your passions are what energize you and make you attractive to others. When you have clarity about what moves you, it’s easy to connect with others on a deeper, personal level. Maybe there’s a topic you find yourself always coming back to. Perhaps you’re more engaged with one particular duty over all the others you have at work. Either way, by putting your passions into words, you’ll be one step closer to discovering your personal brand.

As Simon Sinek said in his 2009 TED Talk, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Your story is unique to you; your story is your brand. The behind-the-scenes reasons why you do what you do are essential for effectively reaching others where they are.

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