Ghostwriting – Is that even legal?

One of the many factors that makes Foresight different than other publishers is our process for creating the perfect sales tool to boost your brand. Our promise to our clients is to come alongside them and help them create a book, a branding tool. They can use it for recruitment, to gain new clientele, give away to employees and families, or whatever else they desire. But we know you’re too busy to write a book,  which is why we have a professional team of ghostwriters ready to write it for you.

Hold the phone. Did they say ghostwriter? What’s that?

Glad you asked! A ghostwriter is a professional writer who takes your idea – your story, background, expertise – and writes it down for you. It’s like having your own scribe! It’s still your name on the cover, but you get the luxury of sitting back while the writer takes your idea and develops it into a book.

Someone write my book for me? That’s plagiarism! 

On the contrary, it’s actually a popular practice among “celebrity” authors. Ghostwriting is the open secret of the publishing world. Publishers use them often but don’t advertise them to the public, for good reason. Some readers feel as if their trust has been broken when they find out the book they’re reading wasn’t actually written by the person whose name is on the cover. We get it – the magic is gone and the curtain has been pulled back. But the idea still belongs to the author; our writers merely pen it. So there is no plagiarism or deception involved at all.

OK, but how does it work?

Ghostwriters are like investigative journalists digging up information for an extended story. Writers will perform a series of in-depth interviews where they collect information from the author (i.e. you) regarding details of how the book should sound, how it should be written, and, most importantly, the message the book should convey to readers.

This process is very much a collaborative effort between two professionals in specialized fields. The author, the creator, is the source of the information. They are the only person who knows all there is to know about the content of the book. For example, only a real estate agent knows the top ten sure-fire ways to sell a home in thirty days. Though he or she may know all the information on this topic, he probably doesn’t know much about publishing or how to write an effective book. On the other side of the spectrum, the writer knows nothing about how to sell a home but knows exactly how to put together a captivating narrative. When these two professionals come together, an effective marketing book is created and the sole ownership belongs to the author.

But why would you want to write something without credit?

This is a question our writers get a lot. From the outside ghostwriting looks like an unrewarding profession. All the work, no byline. But we do it because we truly believe in the power of words on one’s brand. Whether it’s the corporate legacy of a family-owned business, how one professional worked his way up the ladder of success, or a detailed how-to guide that expands on your particular expertise,  we believe there is an inspirational story in everyone that can be used to boost their brand. And we want to tell it.


Have questions about our ghostwriting process? Ready to partner with Foresight to create the perfect brand storytelling tool for your profession? We want to talk to you! Give us a call for a quick consultation of our process and how to get started.

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