Hello, world! We’re Foresight Book Publishing, and we’re here to tell your story

Stories are the roots of humanity stretching from our present to our past. Just as humanity’s stories help to guide our progress, the stories of your business or brand can help shape your future.

At Foresight Book Publishing, we make it possible for you to capture stories. In today’s hectic world, it’s hard to pause and document in a book the stories you want to showcase or preserve. Our CEO Candido Segarra, a successful entrepreneur, knows through authoring two books of his own that writing is a dreadfully time consuming process.

After putting out fires, balancing the books or brainstorming, finding time in the day to write your story can be hard or just unappealing. Candido created the solution by putting together FBP’s team of creative individuals! We are writers, editors, designers and other creatives that enable you to outsource the creation of books for brand-storytelling and thought-leadership development. In fact, we can develop a book of the highest standards in under 90 days!

Websites are pretty and also pretty shallow

Foresight can write your book for you, no strings attached, but books are supposed to be relics of the past, mere dust collectors replaced by the digital world. Right?

While Foresight can’t protect books from dust bunnies, we can assure you books are very much part of our present and future. The U.S. publishing industry generated $28 billion in 2015, according to AAP. Money talks and there are tons of voices carrying on about books!

We at Foresight understand what’s needed to drive success is trust! Whether you are a manufacturer, a politician or a professional with unique services, you must build a relationship on a foundation of trust in order to gain new business or maintain established bonds. Yes, you can share your story on your website, but usually you’ll only scratch the surface of your story, just look at every other “about us” page.

Foresight develops books that enable readers to take a deeper dive into your culture, experience, knowledge and other aspects of your story that you wish to share. Books are high-quality tools we can help you target to achieve the success you desire.

Our process is designed around you

That’s all I’m willing to share about our inner workings for now! Again, we can develop your book in less than 90 days. That’s your average 150 to 200 page read! We aren’t wizards with wands, but we are a group of talented individuals that love books and business.

We understand what your book means to you. It is an extension of you and your business or principles that you put directly in the hands of an audience. That encourages us to strive for greatness and quality in every project.

Located in Chattanooga, Tenn., Foresight is in the Southeast’s center. We aren’t far from some of the country’s cradles of new business and high growth. That, and our small size, makes collaborating with us on a project a breeze. I encourage you to contact us and schedule a conference call, even if you’ve never considered a book.

You could be initiating your business’s next big thing.

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